Certified Translation Services

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Certified Translation Services


Certified Translation Services

ONCALL LATAM utilises only the most qualified and experienced Sworn, Certified Translators around the world to ensure the provision of a high level of quality and accuracy to our clients.

Our translations strictly adhere to ISO operational procedures and include, among others:

Birth, marriage, divorce or academic certificates.

Official transcripts, such as school, work, or medical reports.

Travel or migratory documents.

Regulatory documents such as power-of-attorney, contracts, etc.

We guarantee timely, accurate, cost-effective and professional certified translation services. ONCALL LATAM is equipped with the latest technology to translate and typeset documents of any size, format or font. We use Translation Memory to provide clients with cost savings and consistency of terminology.

Proofreading is performed as the last stage of the certified translation process to ensure quality and consistency in your content.

Certain documents require stamp and certification by the Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires (or equivalent Association in other countries) to be presented to local or foreign government bodies as well as educational entities. ONCALL LATAM can assist you with this need when performing certified translation services.

ONCALL LATAM understands that occasionally certified translation requirements are urgent. We work with our clients to develop streamlined workflows and a team of certified translators to complete your documents within your required timeframes.