Audio Transcription Subtitling and Voice Recording


Audio Subtitling & Voice Recording

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Audio Transcription Subtitling and Voice Recording

Precise Word Translation for Excellent Communication

Audio Translation

Documenting Your important Conversations

ONCALL provides you with the best solution for your legal or medical audio files, recordings, conversations, or any other content that requires a translation from an audible source.

Our audio translation project managers understand the importance of having not only an accurate translation, but also the additional components required to deliver a transcription to formally report content such as; instructions, evidence or diagnosis and treatment plans.

Audio Subtitling

Conveying The Meaning While Retaining The Original Sound Track

ONCALL understands that subtitling requires a deeper grasp of its context to ensure the story line and timing of the dialogue is accurate. ONCALL’s audio translators phrase- match your mood and context to provide you with the best in multimedia solutions.

Voice Recording

Giving The Right Voice To Your Message

ONCALL audio translation project managers work with every audio translator, including our native voice talents, to provide clear, concise, and accurate results. We use the latest in equipment and software to ensure your message is properly conveyed through intonation, expression, and cultural relevance. This allows you to provide an accurate audio translation that engages your listening audience with exceptional tone and dialect in the desired language to convey your message