Video Interpreting

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Video Interpreting Services

Delivering Direct Communication Regardless of the Distance

Video conference interpreting conveniently provides instant video access to accredited interpreters around the country. With video interpreting services, you receive a highly qualified professional who can facilitate face-to-face communication when physical presence is impossible.

ONCALL’s state-of-the-art facility delivers video remote interpreting, or VRI, with high definition and high quality images for exceptional auditory and visual communication between two or multiple parties.

Video remote interpreting is a perfect alternative to on-site interpreting and particularly beneficial for rural and regional areas in Australia. ONCALL clients have access to highly trained and qualified interpreters at a fraction of the cost of organising an on-site interpreter to attend from another city or state.

Video Remote Interpreting

The benefits of VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) for our clients are:

Greater access to interpreters in a number of rare languages

Decrease in wasted time for interpreter travelling to rural locations

Greater access to qualified interpreters

Improved availability of interpreters to fit with your schedule

Improved communication vs. telephone interpreting and better quality provision to clients

Video interpreting services enable face-to-face communication without the cost of traveling or the trouble of coordinating several individuals for an on-site meeting. With ONCALL’s video remote interpreting services, you receive the same benefits of on-site engagements without the hassle of getting everyone from point A to point B.