Sign Language Interpreting


Sign Language Interpreting

ONCALL LATAM understands that the needs of the deaf population differ from other forms of language support and provision. Often the same sign language interpreter may be requested to assist with all appointments for the deaf client.

For this reason, ONCALL LATAM works to ensure that the needs of the deaf population are met and we provide a high level of service to our clients in a number of different settings, including:

Local Government




Justice (Prisons, Courts, Police)

Housing Associations



Sign Interpreting Process

Sign interpreting takes place as follows: the hearing person speaks and the sign language interpreter, who is positioned somewhere visible, renders the speech in the sign language for the deaf audience.

Sometimes, the opposite process is needed: a deaf person signs and the interpreter renders the speech orally (in simultaneous or consecutive mode) for the hearing party or audience. This is also known as voice interpreting or voicing.

Sign Language interpreting requires an extremely high level of skill, with teams of two or more sign language interpreters required. The assigned individuals work in turns, relieving each other at set intervals, to ensure that fatigue and stress resulting from an intense level of concentration do not affect issues of quality or accuracy.

Sign Language Interpreters at ONCALL LATAM are highly trained, skilled and specialised in different areas.