Liaison (Ad Hoc) Interpreting

Liaison (Ad Hoc) Interpreting


Liaison (Ad Hoc) Interpreting

Liaison interpreting, also called ad hoc interpreting, involves rendering the speaker’s words into another language at frequent intervals during the speech. Note taking by the ad hoc interpreter is generally limited, as the situation may not allow for sufficient time.

This method of interpreting is generally used (but not exclusively) for interviews, site visits, conference calls or business meetings, where the ad hoc interpreter serves as a link between two people or small groups of people who speak different languages.

This technique is less formal than consecutive interpreting and is best suited for working groups and other dynamic events, as it provides the opportunity for interaction between the parties.

Liaison interpreting requires an extremely high level of skill to ensure that fatigue and stress resulting from an intense level of concentration do not affect issues of quality or accuracy. 

Ad hoc interpreters at ONCALL LATAM are highly trained, skilled and specialised in different areas such as:



Livestock &Farming


Intellectual Property


Oil & Gas



Market Research

Legal documentation




Automotive industry

Health & Beauty


Marine Biology

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