Consecutive Interpreting


Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting involves the process of memorising or taking notes of parts of a speech and then interpreting it into another language. This entails interaction between the interpreter and the speaker, who will need to stop frequently for the interpretation to take place.

Consecutive interpreting is generally used (but not exclusively) for short meetings, speeches, press conferences, interviews, conference calls, and in general, small events where the audience speaks a common language which is different from the speaker’s.

Consecutive interpreting requires an extremely high level of skill. Depending on the length of the assignment, one interpreter or teams of two interpreters per language will work in turns. This allows them to relieve each other at set intervals, to ensure that fatigue and stress resulting from an intense level of concentration does not affect issues of quality or accuracy. 

Consecutive Interpreters at ONCALL LATAM are highly trained, skilled and specialised in different areas such as:



Livestock & Farming


Intellectual Property


Oil & Gas



Market Research

Legal documentation




Automotive industry

Health & Beauty


Marine Biology

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