Conference Interpreting

Are you planning an event with participants from different countries, speaking several different languages?

Conference Interpreting

When delegates from different nations gather around the negotiation table or meet to exchange ideas, accurate communication is of paramount importance. Professional simultaneous interpreting ensures that language barriers do not impede a meaningful discussion.

ONCALL has over 30 years’ experience in the conference interpreting industry, providing highly experienced interpreters at major international conferences, meetings, seminars, trade and parliamentary missions worldwide.

The method of conference interpreting used at this level varies according to the type and requirements of the event. ONCALL LATAM offers simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpreting.

ONCALL LATAM only recruits from a select pool of highly qualified and experienced simultaneous interpreters. The management team along with the support staff at ONCALL LATAM are trained individuals with many years of experience in selecting the most appropriate interpreters for your event.

Our conference interpreting professionals are highly specialised in different fields including but not limited to:



Livestock &Farming


Intellectual Property


Oil & Gas



Market Research

Legal documentation




Automotive industry

Health & Beauty


Marine Biology

ONCALL LATAM will also provide your simultaneous interpreting equipment for group settings, meetings and international conferences. The right equipment ensures that your delegates receive the interpretation in real-time and never miss a thing. Available equipment includes:





PA System

Our trained technician will set up all equipment before the conference and remain onsite throughout to ensure a professional, productive event for all.

In addition to arranging simultaneous interpreting, ONCALL LATAM can translate keynote addresses, programs and brochures for conference kits or websites.

In selecting ONCALL LATAM you not only gain access to the finest interpreters and translators available, but also the professional backup of a company with proven experience. ONCALL LATAM offers a complete conference interpreting solution with everything you need for achieving a successful event.