Cultural Training Services

cultural training

Cultural Training


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Cultural Training Services

It’s not just about the language!

Body language and cultural awareness play a critical role in achieving effective communication as well as good customer service. Cultural training focuses on more than just getting the language and dialect correct. Without these other aspects, the wrong message could be conveyed quite easily with disastrous results.

ONCALL offers tailored cultural training programs for clients who work in culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) environments, particularly in the ‘service’ industries.

Policy makers, senior managers, business owners, doctors, lawyers, nurses, police officers and administrative staff are just a few of the professionals who benefit from our cultural training.

Our Cultural Training Services

ONCALL offers the following training programs:

Cross Cultural Training

Communication Across Linguistic and Cultural Barriers

Working Effectively with Interpreters

Translation Workshops

Skills Covered

These programs are designed to teach participants strategies and skills for providing more culturally and linguistically appropriate services to their clients.

ONCALL cultural training helps participants to:

Enhance organisational, professional and individual performance when working with culturally or linguistically diverse clients

Recognise and understand client profiles with an emphasis on cultural and linguistic needs

Develop effective and efficient service pathways for clients

Recognise the importance of duty of care within a diverse context

Learn how to work effectively with interpreters on the telephone, face-to-face and in group settings

Prepare material for translations

Learn how to work with bilingual staff and other ethnic community workers

Our cultural training is essential for clients to learn how to effectively communicate with individuals who have a culturally diverse background or speak a different language. We make certain you have exactly what is needed to convey the language (written and/or body) effectively while supporting unique cultural needs