Conference Interpreting

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Conference Interpreting

For high level events and meetings

When delegates from different nations gather around the negotiation table or meet to exchange ideas, clear communication is of paramount importance.

ONCALL provides a full range of Interpreting services. The method of interpreting utilised varies according to the requirements of our clients’ event. Our project coordinators work with customers to secure the appropriate conference interpreter(s) and to ensure that the language requirements at your event are taken care of.

Types of conference Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting – ONCALL works with the highest-level interpreters available for conferences, seminars and large meetings. Pairs of interpreters usually use electronic systems to simultaneously convey messages to delegates wearing head phones/ear pieces while a presenter or participant is speaking.

Whispered Simultaneous Interpreting - A sub category of Simultaneous Interpreting. Used in court or for small groups and meetings where one or two delegates speak a different language. The interpreter sits beside the delegate(s) and whispers the interpretation. Portable equipment can also be used to cater for larger groups of up to 30 delegates.

Consecutive Interpreting – A form of interpreting used in meetings with a smaller number of participants. An interpreter listens to a set number of phrases from the speaker; when the speaker pauses the interpreter gives their expert rendition in the target foreign language.

In addition to arranging conference interpreters, interpreting equipment, and project coordination, ONCALL can translate keynote addresses, programs and brochures for conference kits, websites, and blogs. 

ONCALL’s elite team of conference interpreters ensures the facilitated discussion is  meaningful and not impeded by language barriers.

In selecting ONCALL, you will have access to the finest interpreters and translators available and receive the professional backup of a company with proven experience who is capable of offering a complete conference interpreting solution.