Our Interpreters and Translators


Our Interpreters and Translators

ONCALL LATAM believes in working with the finest, most experienced interpreters and translators in the industry to ensure the highest level of quality is provided to our clients.

Each of the interpreters ONCALL LATAM works with are specialists in their fields, with the ability to interpret simultaneously at large multilingual events or smaller business meetings in a number of different sectors as well as in Court.

The translators who work for ONCALL LATAM have demonstrated experience in translation over a multitude of topics and hold relevant qualifications internationally.

ONCALL LATAM verifies the qualifications and accreditation of our interpreters and translators during the registration and induction process, as part of our quality assurance to our clients.


Training and Continuance of Professional Development


All interpreters and translators who register with ONCALL LATAM are subject to continuing professional development (CPD) and training. This comes in the form of:

Sector-specific Training Sessions in our Buenos Aires Office

Availability of Glossaries & Terminology Databases

Access to a Variety of Interpreting and Translation Projects/Assignments (In Buenos Aires & around the globe)

Expert Guidance & Support

Professional Project Management

ONCALL LATAM is currently working with interpreting and translation professionals of the highest calibre to ensure quality for our clients.

Our Vision

Become a top five global language services provider, connecting all communities, by 2018.

Our Mission

ONCALL will set the global benchmark for language services through innovation.