Public Service Interpreting and Translation

Public Service


Public Service Interpreting and Translation

We provide public service interpreting and translation assistance to anyone facing a criminal charge or who does not understand the legal proceedings.

The areas include interpreting for:

Police Interrogations

Meetings Between the Client & Lawyer


ONCALL LATAM can assist with public service translation of:

The Detention Orders

The Indictments

The Judgements

ONCALL LATAM provides standardisation in all areas of the interpreting and translation process in over 150 languages, saving time and money whilst ensuring the highest quality for the justice system.

Interpreting Quality Management

All interpreters registered with ONCALL LATAM have undergone strict, rigorous recruitment procedures including reference checks, qualification checks and police checks. All interpreters are sworn and subject to continuing professional development. This provides reassurance that the received high level of interpreting services is standard, regardless of region or language.

Booking Process

With the current system, the Court Clerk or Lawyer may have to call several interpreters to check availability. This takes their time away from important legal activities, often with little knowledge about the level of quality they may receive.

With one call to ONCALL LATAM, we will do the rest! We contact interpreters from our extensive database to guarantee the allocation of an appropriately qualified, experienced interpreter, saving time and money for not only the Court Clerk or Lawyer, but also ultimately the Justice system.

Public Service Translation Process

Translation of essential public service documents is equally important to guaranteeing compliance with procedures and that defendants and victims understand every aspect of legal proceedings.

ONCALL LATAM utilises sworn translators and follows strict security procedures to ensure the contents of highly sensitive documents remain secure at all times.