Oil & Gas Interpreting and Translation

Oil & Gas


Oil & Gas Interpreting and Translation

As the Oil & Gas industry expands from the traditional markets of Russia and the Middle East into new hotspots such as Norway, Brazil, Algeria, and Venezuela, your communication methods must expand with these changes.

Our specialist interpreters and translators have an in-depth, technical knowledge, often acquired from a background in the field. When this knowledge is applied to your products, it guarantees the highest level of consistency and terminological accuracy.

ONCALL LATAM is well equipped to provide interpreting and translation solutions in a number of different Oil & Gas subject areas, including:


Seismic Instrumentation



Environmental Health & Safety

Civil Engineering











Wellbore Strengthening

Oil & Gas Translation Process

At ONCALL LATAM, our highly experienced Project Management team is adept at managing large, complex projects in multiple languages. They understand the importance of selecting the right Oil & Gas translation team who is familiar with the markets in your target regions to localise your content and maximise profits.

Due to the often-repetitive technical nature of documentation within the Oil & Gas industry, the Project Management team will deploy Translation Memory tools. These tools ensure the highest level of consistency and accuracy whilst also increasing time to market and reducing cost by as much as 70%.

Our experienced Oil & Gas translation team will build a workflow around you and integrate with your Content Management System (CMS). With integration, all website updates are sent directly for translation and inserted back into your CMS without requiring any project management from your team. This ensures that all of your markets receive the same message in real time.

Content Translation Types

ONCALL LATAM offers Oil & Gas translation services for a wide variety of content types, including:

AutoCAD Drawings & Files

Civil Engineering Documents

Training & User Manuals

Production Documents

Quality Procedures






Microstation Files

Process Descriptions

Diagnosis Manuals

HSE Reports

Legal Documents

Service Manuals

Technical Specifications

General Communication

Well Reports

Website Translation

Oil & Gas Technical Interpreters

Providing high-level, technical simultaneous interpreting for the delegates at your product launch will guarantee the event is a huge success and promote your brand globally across multiple markets. Interpreters will work in teams of two to ensure all product information is interpreted simultaneously and your foreign delegates do not miss a thing! ONCALL LATAM can provide all required simultaneous interpreting equipment for your event as well.