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Media and Entertainment

With new channels of communication emerging, such as the introduction of smartphones, social media and on-demand entertainment, access to global broadcasting services has intensified.

Whether it involves reading the news on a tablet or interacting on social media, consumers expect to be able to find the media and entertainment they are looking for promptly, in their own language.

ONCALL provides comprehensive, reliable integrated media and entertainment solutions to production and creative companies around the world.

Authors and screenwriters in particular are aware that a humorous phrase in English may be completely misinterpreted in another language. ONCALL understands that culture, tone, and writing style needs to be considered in order to render the correct message to the targeted audience.

Be it providing voiceovers for TV programs or localising a video game, we have the skills and expertise to creatively adapt, paraphrase, and localise media or entertainment content for your specific target audience. Our interpreters and translators are fully qualified experts in their field, so you can be assured that they will use appropriate terminology.

Areas of Expertise

ONCALL provides interpreters and translators experienced in a wide range of media & entertainment projects including:


Social Media


Press Releases

Promotional Material



Video Game Localisation

Documentary Dubbing

News & Feature Articles

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Multilingual Radio & Video Production

TV Interpreter Services


Magazines & Newspapers

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