Literature & Journalism Translation

Literature & Journalism


Literature & Journalism Translation

ONCALL LATAM has a wide range of experience in providing simultaneous interpreting and translation solutions for the Publishing and Editorial industry. Whether political, fictional information or a book presentation, ONCALL LATAM has the expertise to assist you. From newspaper articles to books or other publications, literature & journalism translation requires the hands of experienced translators.

We offer literature & journalism translation services in these areas:

Children’s stories

Newspaper articles







Our Translation Process

At ONCALL LATAM, our highly experienced Project Management team is adept at managing large, complex projects in multiple languages. They understand the importance of selecting the right team of literature & journalism translation professionals who are familiar with the markets in your target regions to localise your brand and maximise profits.

Often, your brand will not just require translation, but also Localisation.  In some situations it might even require Transcreation, which is the process of taking a title or epigraph from an article or name of a book and recreating the message suitable for that target audience. These are well-established practices with each of the top companies!

Our dedicated literature & journalism translation team will build a workflow around you and help you to achieve your goals in all markets.