Human Resources & Employment Agencies


Human Resources & Employment Agencies

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Human Resources & Employment Agencies

There is no room for misinterpretation when dealing with employment policies, procedures and benefits. It is imperative to protect both your company and your employees through clear, concise communication

ONCALL helps companies eliminate linguistic and cultural barriers, allowing them to identify, communicate, engage, develop and retain non-English speaking personnel. Whether you need help with human resources or are employment agencies seeking reliable written or verbal communication, we can deliver effective, accurate interpretation or translation services.

ONCALL has provided comprehensive interpreting and translation services to human resource firms around the world. We have more than 4,500 interpreters and translators experienced in more than 150 languages.

Employment Agency Translation Services

Additionally, ONCALL works closely with a number of employment agencies and networks around the country, providing language services to their non-English-speaking clients in a number of ways including:

Assistance with job search techniques and résumé writing.

Assistance in developing skills through training and development opportunities.

Assistance in overcoming personal barriers.

Furthermore, all of our translators and interpreters are fully qualified experts in their field, so you can be certain the  appropriate terminology will be used.

Whether you need an interpreter for a training program or require the translation of a company handbook, ONCALL can develop a solution to meet your human resources or employment agency needs.

Areas of Expertise

ONCALL provides interpreters and translators experienced in a wide range of areas for human resources and employment agencies including:

Compliance Documents

Workplace Safety Documents


Employee Manuals & Benefits Plans

Training Programs & Videos


Employee Handbooks

Ethics Content

Job Search Activities

Employment Applications

Human Resource Policies

Safety Documents


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We work in over 130 languages worldwide.

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