Environment Interpreting and Translation



Environment Interpreting and Translation

Environmental matters concern nations throughout the world and therefore effective communication is vital to reach a common goal. Environment interpreting and translation services will help you achieve the best communication and avoid language barriers during the event.

ONCALL LATAM has a wide range of experience in providing simultaneous interpreting and translation solutions for large, international conferences on Environment matters. Such areas and subject matters include:

Global Warming

Wildlife Conservation

Green Energy

Climate Change

Offshore Wind Farming

Sustainable Development

Solar Power

Marine Life Conservation

Environment Translation Process

At ONCALL LATAM, our highly experienced Project Management team is adept at managing large, complex projects in multiple languages. They understand the importance of selecting the right team of environment translation experts and will build tailored workflows around you.

Due to the often highly technical and terminology specific nature of environmental matters, the Project Management team will deploy Translation Memory tools. These tools ensure the highest level of consistency and accuracy whilst also increasing time to market and reducing costs by as much as 70%.

Whether translating your brochures, delegate packs or even the presentation slides, ONCALL LATAM has a fully qualified, experienced team of environment translators who follow a pro-active approach.

Environment Interpreting Event

Providing high-level, environment interpreters for the delegates at your next conference or meeting will ensure the event is a huge success as well as promote sustainable and environmentally friendly growth globally. Interpreters will work in teams of two to ensure that all environmental information is interpreted simultaneously and your foreign delegates do not miss a thing! ONCALL LATAM can provide all required simultaneous interpreting equipment for your event as well.