Environmental Policy

Quality Management

ONCALL currently works with interpreting and translation professionals of the highest calibre, to ensure exceptional quality for our clients.

Quality Management

ONCALL is committed to ensuring compliance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System requirements, to ensure consistent quality in the services we provide.



Working with the best translators and interpreters in the industry ensures the highest quality from the outset. For this reason, ONCALL follows a stringent recruitment procedure, only selecting the highest calibre of translation and interpreting individuals via the following process:

Review of CV

Completion of Application Form

Qualification Checks

Proof of translation/interpreting experience

Telephone/Face-to-Face Interview

Signing of Confidentiality Agreements

Two professional reference checks

Accreditation Checks


Operational Procedures

Our Project Management teams follow strict operational procedures to ensure consistency and a high level of service to our clients:

Upon receiving your request, your dedicated Project Manager will verify that a member of our qualified and experienced translation team is available to undertake the work and quickly provide you with a quote and turnaround time to fit in with your requirements.

The file is then sent securely to the translator to complete the translation.

Before sending it back to you, your translated document will undergo a review process from a second, independent translator and the Project Manager  will perform a final check to ensure the format replicates the original.

Whenever possible, our Project Management team will work with a Translation Memory  to ensure consistency of your brand terminology.



At ONCALL, we constantly request feedback both from our clients and our translators and interpreters so that we may continually improve our service offering.
After each completed translation, as standard procedure our clients receive a short, no obligation questionnaire asking for feedback on a number of different criteria.

Equally, our interpreters take  a short  feedback questionnaire  with them to each interpreting assignment for the client to complete and send back to ONCALL.

All feedback is captured in the translator or interpreter profile and we address any areas that require our attention before further work is assigned to that individual.

Furthermore, feedback provided about our Project Management process will receive immediate attention and changes made to our process where appropriate. We also welcome our customers to feedback directly here.