CT Fertility: Online webinar

CT Fertility: Online webinar

CT Fertility: online interpreting for German webinar

Next week, ONCALL will be providing English/German simultaneous interpreting for an online webinar targeted at German-speaking aspiring parents to help them achieve their dream of having a baby. ONCALL has been providing traditional simultaneous interpreting for the last 30 years where interpreters (and delegates) have to travel to the conference venue as well as telephone interpreting for shorter, less formal consultations. By harnessing new technology, ONCALL has been able to offer online simultaneous interpreting to support online presentations and webinars, perfect for shorter meetings and providing accessibility to more potential customers. Up to 2,500 participants will be able to listen to the original English (or other) language of the webinar or, to one of the channels where simultaneous interpreting is being provided all through an online platform.

Only the approved speakers/presenters and interpreters can be heard. However, participants are able to virtually ‘raise their hand’ to ask questions via a QA session at the end. This means that businesses are able to connect with more people in their own language, opening up new markets and providing accessibility for all regardless of their location or native language. For the webinar next week, ONCALL is providing English into German simultaneous interpreting for two presentations and German into English for another and therefore the German mother tongue speakers can also present in their native language but reach an English-speaking audience. A QA session in both languages will be held at the end. The aim is for approx. 100 participants to attend, allowing our client CT Fertility to reach more clients and help make their dream a reality. As the platform allows for multiple language interpretation, CT Fertility will have the option to offer their services in many different countries and remove the language barrier for aspiring parents, regardless of where they live or their native language!

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Published: 03-Mar-2016; Author: Marketing; Connect with us on Twitter: @oncallinterpret ; LinkedIn: Click here