Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

ONCALL LATAM currently works with interpreting and translation professionals of the highest calibre, to ensure exceptional quality for our clients.

Quality Policy

ONCALL LATAM is dedicated to ensure consistency in the quality of services we provide.


World leader in quality interpreting and translating services

ONCALL Interpreters and Translators is a world leader in quality interpreting and translating services. At ONCALL we tailor our services to meet our clients` individual interpreting and translating requirements.

ONCALL has established Quality Objectives which are reviewed periodically by the management team for continuing suitability, and which encompass:

Sector-specific Training Sessions in our Buenos Aires Office

Availability of Glossaries & Terminology Databases

Access to a Variety of Interpreting and Translation Projects/Assignments (In Buenos Aires & around the globe)

Expert Guidance & Support

Professional Project Management


Quality Management System

ONCALL is committed to ensuring compliance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System requirements and to communicating these requirements within the organization. We guarantee to maintain, through our Quality Management System, a level of quality and reliability of supply that will equal or surpass the expectations of every customer. It is the intention of all departments within the company to continually improve the quality of the services they provide, leading progressively to increased Customer Satisfaction. These objectives shall be achieved through:

Ensuring an experienced and enthusiastic team dedicated to excellence in recruitment, training and customer service.

Utilising our in-house bespoke booking system, enabling the fast handling and processing of requests, together with accurate and timely reporting and invoicing.

Enforcing stringent quality control systems to ensure that customer requirements and expectations are understood and met.

Regularly monitoring the performance of all interpreters and translators on our panel by encouraging feedback from clients, circulating interpreter assessment forms, offering a written client feedback facility (conducted annually), and offering opportunities for reinforcing ethical and professional behaviour through seminars, workshops and counselling.

Continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System based on the requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard.

Ensuring that management  communicates and explains the quality policy to all employees and independent contractors so that all staff follows the correct procedures. It is also made available to interested parties through our website.

This policy shall be reviewed for adequacy and effectiveness by the management team during Management Review Meetings.

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